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A non-irritant sanitizer gel.

To keep yourself protected, washing your hands frequently is essential. However, soap and running water are not always in hand. It’s Skin’s Cleanitizer Gel features 62% ethanol, thus it is very effective in getting rid of all unnecessary and dangerous intruders form your hands. It is recommended that alcohol-based hand cleansing gel should contain at least 60% of alcohol, while excessively high content of alcohol can cause strong skin irritation. This gel is infused with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, that help relieve alcohol alcohol-induced dryness and provide soothing effects. This gel is easy to use and it leaves your hands safe and smooth.

1. Drop an appropriate amount on your palm and rub it over your hands until it dries.
2. For frequently touched surfaces like smartphone or doorknobs, take out an adequate amount of gel on a tissue or cotton pad and wipe the surface.

Size: 100ml


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