Egg-Ssential Skincare Set by Too Cool For School

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Egg Extract Skincare Kit Includes:

1. Egg Mellow Cream: Egg Mellow Cream is an all-in-one firming/anti-aging moisturizer that serves as a serum, priming moisturizer, neck cream, eye cream, and sleeping mask for plump, supple, resilient, and well-moisturized skin. It's highly enriched with egg yolk extract, albumen (egg white) extract, and inka omega oil to provide intensive nourishment to skin. It is also infused with collagen fiber to support the appearance of more elastic skin. NIacinamide to drastically improve tone and brightness. Ceramides to create a protective barrier on the skin to repair and nourish. This uniquely formulated face cream is made to even be safely used under the eye area.


Solution  for dryness, dullness, loss of elasticity.

How to use: Apply an appropriate amount on cleansed face by gently tapping and massaging. Size: 50g

2. Egg Mousse Soap is a creamy and richly whipped-cream textured mousse facial cleanser formulated with egg whites and egg yolk to gently cleanse all debris and dirt from pores, and leaves skin soft and smooth. This creamy, meringue-like cleanser combines milk proteins, amino acids, and egg extracts to thoroughly cleanse the skin in a perfectly harmonious trio. Tiny particles are able to go deep into the skin, not only to dissolve oil and dead skin cells, but also to nourish for long-lasting smooth and hydration effect. Egg white extract purifies, tightens, and brightens while egg yolk extract moisturizes. Your skin is left thoroughly clean, hydrated, and glowing but never feeling tight or stripped.


How to use: 1. Shake well. 2. Hold the can upright and, pressing softly, dispense an egg-sized amount into hands. 3. Massage gently over face and rinse thoroughly with water. Size: 70ml

3. Egg Cream Hydrating Mask: This mask features an ultra-soft microfiber sheet drenched in egg extracts, coconut water, niacinamide, and other botanical extracts to deliver ultimate hydration, nourishment, and brightening benefits. Coconut water provides hydration and quickly penetrates into skin. Niacinamide and camu camu extract are rich in vitamin C to brighten the overall appearance of skin, while egg extracts nourish. Actives are delivered through a skin-fitting microfiber, which comfortably adheres to all facial contours. In as little as 20 minutes, skin appears more visibly radiant and glowy, and feels well hydrated and nourished for that "I Woke up Like This" look.



How to use: 1. Remove mask from packaging. 2. Pull mesh off slowly and discard. 3. Gently apply microfiber mask to fit the contours of your face. 4. Press gently with fingertips to spread evenly and leave on for 10 to 20 minutes. 5. Remove mask and massage remaining serum into face. Size: 28g

4. Pore Cleansing Brush

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