TCFS Artclass Makeup Brush Set

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Have you found yourself thinking that before going on a trip, where to put a big powder brush that smears the things inside the bag?

Too Cool For School 4-piece Makeup Brush Set is packed in a leather pouch that fits perfectly in a travel-or handbag. The products are compactly packed in sachets that give the carefree feeling that the brushes will not fall out. The packaging is closed with a stud.

The brush set includes powder, blush, contour and eye brush. The bristles are super soft but strong enough at the same time to finish the perfect make-up.

Leather package size: width 9 cm, height 14.2 cm and depth 2 cm

Brush Length: Powder Brush 13cm (Bristle 4cm), Blush Brush 12cm (Bristle 3cm), Contour Brush 12.5cm (Bristle 2cm) and Eye Brush 11.4cm (Bristle 0.7cm)

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