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Purederm Heating Moisture Hand Mask

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Purederm Heating Moisture Hand Mask “Shea Butter” is a premium hand treatment with a dramatic combination of heating-up two-layer fabric and our special formula that has deep hydrating effect with warming heat. Shea Butter forms moisturizing barrier on the skin to fill it up smoothly, and the skin wrapping effect of foil fabric allows you to enjoy a soft spa care.

How to use: 1. Wash your hands with warm water. 2. Open the packet and hold sealing area of hand mask with your fingers. Pull outward to tear the seal. 3. Wear the hand masks. You can secure the mask by attzching the enclosed sticker to the wrist. 4. After 20-30 minutes, Put off hand masks. you don't need wash the hadns again.

Never touch face, eyes, etc with the liquid on your hand. If you do so, rinse immediately with water.

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