Mediheal A-zero Shot Trouble Dressing Spot Patch

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A-zero shot trouble dressing spot patch is a thin hydrocoloid patches effectively cope with acne; irritation and redness. The tool works like a sponge; pulling inflammation and pollution from the depths of the pores; has a calming and healing effect. Prevent secondary infection of problem areas; help to avoid the appearance of scars on the skin. Works best during NIGHT.

The thickness of the the patch is 0.35mm

Tea Tree Leaf Oil & Salicylic Acid Relieve Skin Stress.

1. Clean the wound and dry it thoroughly.
2. Apply ointment and protective patch to the wound area without applying ointment.
3. After sticking, the part where the wound is swollen white by effusion over time is no longer
Attach it until it doesn’t blow up and replace it with a new patch.

Remove the patch after 8-12 hours


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