It'S SKIN Power 10 Powerful Genius serum

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A Genius serum that softly penetrates the skin to strengthen a weakened skin barrier and boost bouncy-looking glow.

How to use: After the toner, take proper amount (1-2 pumps) then, tapping gently and spreadd it face and neck area evenly. 

RESOLVES 10 SKIN CONCERNS IN 10 DAYS : While clinical tests prove the skin improvement effects in 2-4 weeks on average, Genius Serum proved the effects in just 10 days! Quickly resolves complex skin concerns by improving fundamental skin health (Glow, radiance, texture, barrier, moisturizing, firming, clarity, density, exfoliating, soothing)

GENIUS INGREDIENTS : Contains genius ingredients that simply resolve various skin concerns with ‘BIOMEGENIUS 5’ containing patented lactobacillus. Additionally formulated skin barrier and moisturizing ingredients to increase absorptiveness of active ingredients (BIOMEGENIUS 5) and rebuild a healthy skin barrier without inner dryness or sensitivity
10 FREE : Excluded 10 harmful ingredients for safe and mild use on sensitive skin, skin irritation tested
TEXTURE : Smoothly absorbed while retexturing the skin, leaving radiance on the surface. The translucent serum formula is absorbed moistly by the skin with a clean finish, firming the skin and leaving a clear glow

DOUBLE SYNERGY WITH GENIUS CREAM : Using only serum provides rich moisture, but when used with cream, the two products more effectively balance the oil and moisture levels on the skin, maximizing the moisturizing & hydrating synergy

Size: 50ml

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